• What AncestrybyDNA test is right for you?

    • DNA Origins: Discover your ancestral ethnicity
    • DNA WorldView: Compare your ancestral population groups to modern populations group
    • Lineage Testing: Trace your ancestral migration routes
  • Kathryn Discovered Her Origins

    Kathryn always wondered about her family roots and now she knows. She is 67% European, 24% Indigenous American, and 9% Sub-Saharan African. Now she can to dig deeper into her family roots.

  • Jeffrey Discovered His Paternal Lineage

    Using our lineage test, Jeffery was able find out his haplogroup and trace an ancient branch of his family tree. Armed with this knowledge, his search for his past continues.

  • Maggie Knows Her Past and Present

    Using DNA WorldView Maggie was able to learn that she is 60% Eurpoean and 20% Sub Saharan African. When we compared her DNA to populations around the world today, it most resembles people living in Italy. What a surprise.

DNA Origins

Ancestral Ethnicity

Use your DNA to determine your genetic makeup and where your Ancestors were from.

This test delivers the estimated percentages of ancestry from four different distinct population groups;
European, Indigenous American, East Asian, Sub Saharan Africa.

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DNA WorldView

Compare Your Past vs. Present

DNA WorldView uses two different DNA tests to deliver a one-of-a-kind personalized report about you!

After first determining the origins of your ancestors, DNA WorldView compares your DNA to populations living today to determine with whom your DNA has the most in common.

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Lineage Testing

Ancestral Migration Routes

Lineage testing uses portions of human DNA that are passed from parent to child.

By examining these key parts of our DNA, our history could be traced as far back as the first peoples who populated the earth. Scientific data shows that humans evolved in Africa 400,000 to 130,000 years ago, and started migrating outward.

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