DNA Origins

Explanation of Results

Once our laboratory receives your DNA sample, your results will be ready online in 6-8 weeks. Your results consist of a certificate depicting your ancestral data in two formats:

  • Table Report: Lists your ancestral percentages of the four founder groups (European, African, East Asian, and Indigenous American)
  • Bar Graph: Shows the confidence intervals for your percentage ratios. The concept of confidence intervals is explained further below.

Confidence Interval

Because the test is based on statistics, your percentage results are given as a “maximum likelihood estimate.” The percentages in your report shows your most likely ancestry mix, and the confidence interval, indicated by the brackets near the top of each colored bar in your bar graph, will show the range of other possibilities that are two times less likely than the percentage specified in your table data.

Your certificate is accompanied by a manual, which discusses the interpretation of test results in greater detail. Both are available for download in PDF format. Please note that results will only be available through our website for 1 year.

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