DNA Worldview

Explanation of Results

DNA WorldView is first DNA test of its kind that combines information about the past and the present. How can we do this?


First, the test will show your biogeographical ancestry percentages based on the four major founding population groups.

Second, we know that through the past 100 years people have continued migrating, in fact, due to economic, political, environmental and other issues, population shifts are still happening today. DNA WorldView is unique in that it uses this information to compare your DNA to populations around the globe based on today’s demographics. Who are you most similar to when compared to DNA databases collected over the past 20 years? The test will use Population Genetics to determine the current population groups with whom you share the most statistical similarity.

Your certificate is accompanied by a manual, which discusses the interpretation of test results in greater detail. Both are available for download in PDF format. Please note that results will only be available through our website for 1 year.

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