Paternal Lineage

Explanation of Results

Your results will list your haplogroup together with your raw data (also called a haplotype) for your Y-STR test, which you can use for further research in publicly available databases and ancestry projects. It will also include:

  • Haplogroup Designation
  • Haplogroup Migration Map: A map depicting your ancestors' journey and where they initially settled in the old world
  • Haplogroup Facts: Includes which  parts of the world you can find your “genetic cousins” and famous people who share the same haplogroup as you do. Click the following link to see examples of Y-DNA Haplogroups

Your certificate is accompanied by a manual, which discusses the interpretation of test results in greater detail. You will also receive a page with an in depth description of your haplogoup. All three are available for download in PDF format. Please note that results will only be available through our website for 1 year.

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